There are fruit trees everywhere. You just don’t know where they are.
Many of the fruits in the streets are easily accessible but oftentimes they are ignored by the neighbors. I was walking down the street in Los Angeles one day and saw many of those beautifully ripened citruses ready to be picked, but left abandoned. Although I wanted to, I couldn’t find any information about whether I can pick the fruits or not. What if there’s an app that you can take pictures and share the trees so it can function as database, thus people can easily search fruit trees available for harvesting for free? Fruitify is an app that will allow the users to share the informations about fruit trees in their community. Why drive to upscale grocery market or another newly opened juicery when you can stroll around the street and pick some fruits at the same time. It will definitely contribute to your good mind and health. Plus, you can save hundreds of dollars a year if you harvest fruits from trees in public locations instead of buying from grocery markets.
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