My Role: UX Designer
Client: Goama
Team: Yiran Park - Me, Contract UX Designer
Wayne Kennedy - COO
Kunal - Lead Product Designer
Gizem Yilmaz - Business Development Manager

Tools: Sketch, InVision
Schedule: FEB 2020 - MAR 2020
Deliverables: Competitive analysis, User surveys, personas, feature recommendation, UI design
Goama is a Singapore-based startup that offers high-quality gaming service called GoGames, via subscription, focused on emerging markets in Southeast Asia. They have over 500K subscribers across the 6 markets they operate in and are launching new features that they've requested for my help to design. I joined Goama as a contract UX designer for 5 weeks to design their mobile game platform. 

The Problem
Goama's existing research showed that although they have more than 500K subscribers, the user's engagement rate and retention rate were too low. Users would sign up for a new account, pay for their service, play for a few minutes and never come back again. Goama's team was concerned that the low engagement rate was due to the usability issues, lack of interesting features on their platform or both. 
The Process

1. Understanding Goama's Vision
From conversations with the team and research online, I spent some time to understand the problem Goama is solving. I studied existing products that provide similar solutions (in Asia and outside) to familiarize myself with the sector. 

2. Competitive Research
I identified competitors and conducted competitive analysis for these companies, deep-diving into their design to identify what makes their features unique, how are people engaging with the platform, and other design elements that make those platforms popular.
Four potential competitors, Skillz, Paytm First Games, Kakao Games and were identified and I analyzed their product on the basis of three of the ten principles of the Nielsen Norman Usability Heuristics. I have added Addictive Elements as a 4th heuristic principle for it being one of the most important criteria to analyze in gaming platforms.

3. User Research
I set up interview questions for existing and potential users that will provide insights for the new product features. I worked with the project manager (Gizem Yilmaz) who translated my survey and interview questions to the appropriate local language. I synthesized the interview notes and determine what design changes should occur based on user needs.
UI Design
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